Ashoor Electric Motors Company specializes in providing motors and their associated products to the all industries, large residence complex, hotels, city pump supply, pump station and sewerage, in minimum lead time.

Modified standard and specialty designed products that meet unique customer requirements continue to be the basis for our product growth and competitive edge. We will provide quality, performance, and customer service that other motor manufacturers reserve for their large volume clients. Simply put, it is our mission to become a true partner in our client’s progress.

Name of Company Ashoor Electric Motors Co.
Street Address 54 Alhada st/119 Aseer St
Mailing Address Wasel 2652, Alfaysaliya (2)
P.O. Box 6755, Jeddah 21452,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Telephone No. +966 12 ( 639 3252 ,  639 3080 )
Fax No. +966 12 ( 639 3249 )
Commercial Reg: No 4030010509 Jeddah Dated: 17.09.1396 H Ministry of commerce
Zakat Dept. File No. Jeddah Dated: 25.01.1417 H
Chamber of Commerce Reg No. 11355 Jeddah Dated: 03.01.1417 H
ISO 9001 2000 Certificate No. 0108369 Certificate